how long does dillards take to ship

How Long Does Dillard’s Take to Ship?

Are you eagerly waiting for your online purchase from Dillard’s? Shipping times depend on various factors and it’s essential to have a clear understanding to set your expectations. In this article, we’ll explore how long Dillard’s typically takes to ship your purchased items.

Processing Time

Once your order is placed, Dillard’s typically requires an average processing time of 1-2 business days. This time is necessary for the verification and preparation of your order before it is dispatched for shipment.

Shipping Methods

Dillard’s offers several shipping options to cater to different customer needs:

  • Standard Shipping: With standard shipping, you can expect your package to arrive within 3-7 business days from the date it was shipped. This method is usually the most cost-effective.
  • Expedited Shipping: If you need your order to arrive sooner, Dillard’s offers expedited shipping. Depending on your location and the item availability, this method generally takes 2-3 business days.
  • Next-Day Shipping: For urgent requirements, Dillard’s provides next-day shipping option. However, please note that this service may incur additional charges.

Order Tracking

Once your order is shipped, Dillard’s provides a tracking number through which you can monitor the progress of your shipment. You can use this tracking number on their website or contact Dillard’s customer service for any assistance regarding the status of your order.

Delays and Special Situations

In certain cases, such as during holiday seasons or extreme weather conditions, shipping times may be slightly extended. Dillard’s makes every effort to ensure prompt delivery, but external circumstances may cause unforeseen delays.

If you have any concerns or specific requirements regarding the delivery of your order, we recommend reaching out to Dillard’s customer support. They are well-equipped to address any queries and provide accurate information based on your individual circumstance.

Remember, understanding the shipping process helps manage your expectations effectively and ensures a smoother online shopping experience with Dillard’s.

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