how long does it take to read 10 pages

How Long Does it Take to Read 10 Pages?

Reading Pace and Variables

Reading speed can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the complexity of the material, your reading skills, distractions, and personal reading pace. However, a standard estimate can be made based on average reading speeds.

Average Reading Speed

The average reading speed of an adult is typically considered to be around 200-300 words per minute (wpm). This estimation can vary, and some individuals may read at a faster or slower pace.

Calculating Reading Time

To estimate the time it takes to read a certain number of pages, we need to consider the average number of words on a page.

Assuming an average of 250 words per page, we have:

10 pages * 250 words = 2500 words.

Now, considering an average reading speed of 200-300 wpm, we can calculate:

  • 2500 words / 200 wpm = 12.5 minutes
  • 2500 words / 250 wpm = 10 minutes
  • 2500 words / 300 wpm = 8.33 minutes (approximately)


Based on average reading speeds, it can take approximately 8.33 – 12.5 minutes to read 10 pages, assuming an average of 250 words per page and a reading speed of 200-300 words per minute.

Please note that individual reading speeds may vary, and these calculations serve as general estimates.

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