how long for pigeon eggs to hatch

How‍ Long for Pigeon Eggs ⁤to ⁣Hatch

‌ Pigeons are ⁤fascinating creatures and watching them reproduce and raise their ⁤young can be‍ an amazing experience.

Incubation Period

⁣ Pigeon⁣ eggs typically take about 17 to 19 days to hatch. However, this can vary depending ⁤on various factors such as environmental conditions and the specific breed of ⁤pigeons.

Role of ‍Male and Female Pigeons

⁤ ⁢ ‌ Pigeons exhibit biparental care, ‌meaning both the male and female share the duties of incubating the⁣ eggs. The female usually takes the first⁤ shift, incubating during the ⁤day, while the​ male takes over at night. This pattern ​continues until the eggs are⁣ ready to hatch.

Egg Development and⁤ Appearance

‍ ⁤ ⁣Pigeon eggs⁢ start developing as soon as they are laid. Initially, they appear translucent‍ or slightly ⁣opaque. As incubation progresses, you might notice visible veins forming inside the eggs. This indicates the growth of blood vessels, an essential part‍ of the developing⁣ chicks’ ⁤circulatory system. ‍Over time, the eggs become opaque and maintain a constant temperature as the parents keep them ​warm and ‍protected.

What⁣ to ⁢Expect During ⁢Hatching

⁣ As ‌the eggs near the end of their incubation period, you might notice increased movement and hear soft peeping sounds from⁤ within the ⁤shells.‍ These are signs that the chicks are ready ‍to⁤ break free. Pigeon‍ chicks‌ use ⁢their specialized egg tooth to peck‍ a small hole, called a⁣ pip, in‌ the shell.⁢ They‌ then gradually work their way out, a ‌process ‌known as hatching. Hatching ​can take 24-48 hours from⁤ the‍ initial pip.

Parental Care After Hatching

⁤ Once the chicks hatch, they are still quite vulnerable and ​rely on their parents for ‍warmth, ⁢protection, and food. Both the ⁤male ‍and female take turns feeding the chicks a ​special secretion called pigeon milk, which ‌is produced ⁢in⁤ their crops. This nutritious fluid is⁣ regurgitated to the chicks and ⁣provides them with essential​ nutrients ⁣for growth.


Understanding the⁢ incubation period and hatching process ‌of pigeon eggs can contribute to your appreciation⁤ of these remarkable​ birds. Patience is ​key when observing nests and awaiting⁢ the arrival​ of new pigeon chicks. ‍Witnessing the devotion and care shown by the parents during this period ‌can be an awe-inspiring​ experience.

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