how long is a flight from detroit to atlanta

How⁢ Long is a Flight from Detroit to Atlanta?


Planning a trip from Detroit to Atlanta? One​ of the essential factors ⁣to‍ consider is the ⁢duration of the flight. In this⁢ article, we’ll provide ⁣you with an overview of the estimated time it takes⁤ to fly from Detroit to Atlanta, ensuring you‌ have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

Flight Duration

The flight duration between Detroit and Atlanta ⁣primarily depends on several factors, including the airline, weather⁢ conditions,‍ air traffic, and‌ the type of aircraft used. On⁤ average, a nonstop flight from Detroit to Atlanta ‍takes⁣ approximately 2 hours and 17‍ minutes.

Distance and Airports

The approximate ‍flying⁢ distance from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne⁢ County ⁤Airport (DTW)‌ in Detroit, Michigan, to Hartsfield-Jackson⁤ Atlanta International Airport ⁤(ATL) in ​Atlanta, Georgia, is around 595 miles (956 kilometers).

Both ‌airports are major hubs with a wide range of facilities and amenities to ensure a smooth travel⁢ experience for ⁣passengers.

Connecting Flights

In some ⁣cases, you may⁢ have ⁢to ⁤take ‌a connecting⁤ flight⁢ from Detroit to‌ Atlanta. Connecting flights ‍usually⁢ extend the‌ total travel time.

If you‌ have a layover, the duration‌ will vary based on the connecting city, airline, and the length⁤ of the layover. Frequently, connecting flights‍ increase the travel ‍time to approximately 4-6 hours,‍ depending on the duration and location⁣ of the layover.

Tips for a Comfortable Flight

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the⁤ flight.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to ensure‍ a relaxed journey.
  • Bring ⁢entertainment options such as books, magazines, or music to keep yourself engaged during the ​flight.
  • Consider⁣ bringing a neck pillow or⁤ an eye ⁢mask if you plan on sleeping during the flight.
  • Arrive at ‌the airport​ on time to go through security checks ‌and boarding‌ procedures smoothly.
  • Check with your airline regarding any specific guidelines or protocols due to the⁣ ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Now that you have an estimate of the flight ‍duration from Detroit to Atlanta, you can plan ​your trip accordingly. Keep ‍in mind the potential‍ variations caused by‌ connecting flights if your journey includes layovers. Remember to pack your essentials, arrive on‌ time, and make your trip a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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