how much does it cost to play bingo

How Much Does It Cost to Play Bingo?

Many people wonder about the cost of playing bingo, as it’s a popular game enjoyed by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The cost to play bingo can vary depending on various factors such as the location, the type of bingo game, and any additional features or bonuses offered.

Cost Factors:

  • The location: Bingo games can be played at dedicated bingo halls, community centers, or online websites.
  • The type of bingo game: Common variations include 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, each having different ticket prices.
  • Additional features: Some games may offer progressive jackpots, bonus rounds, or special themed events which could influence the price.

Average Cost Breakdown:

Location Ticket Price Range
Bingo Halls $5 – $25 per session
Community Centers $1 – $10 per session
Online Bingo Varies greatly, starting from free games to paid games in the range of $0.10 – $5 per card

Additional Costs:

While the ticket cost is the primary expenditure when playing bingo, there might be additional expenses to consider:

  • Food and beverages: Some locations offer refreshments, and you may want to indulge during your gaming experience.
  • Transportation: If the bingo hall is far from your home, you would need to factor in the cost of transportation.


The cost to play bingo varies depending on the location, type of game, and additional features provided. It is essential to research and compare various options to find one that suits your budget and gaming preferences. Whether playing at bingo halls, community centers, or online, the thrill of the game can be enjoyed without breaking the bank!

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