how to buster farm without koyanskaya or oberon

How to Buster Farm without Koyanskaya or Oberon

When it comes to farming in Fate/Grand Order, many players rely on powerful support servants like Koyanskaya or Oberon to boost their Buster teams. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have these limited servants. But fear not! With the right strategy and servant choices, you can still achieve efficient Buster farming without them.

1. Craft Essences

One of the essential aspects of Buster farming is selecting the right Craft Essences (CEs). Look for CEs that increase Buster performance, NP damage, or starting NP gauge. For free-to-play players, the “The Imaginary Element” or “Dragon’s Meridian” CEs are excellent choices as they provide starting NP gauge, allowing faster NP charging for your Buster-oriented servants.

2. Use the Right Servants

Although Koyanskaya and Oberon bring tremendous benefits to Buster teams, many other servants can shine in this setup. Servants like Arash, Spartacus, and Bunyan are strong AoE Berserkers who can quickly clear wave one or two with their NP. Pair them with support servants like Hans Christian Andersen or Shakespeare, who can provide additional buffs to enhance their damage output.

For the main damage dealer, consider servants like Mordred, Altria Pendragon, or Hercules. Their Buster-oriented NPs can deal massive damage to clear the final wave in one hit, especially with proper team support.

3. Optimal Skill and NP Leveling

To maximize your team’s potential, invest in leveling up the skills and Noble Phantasms (NPs) of your chosen servants. Focus on strengthening the Buster-related skills, such as increasing Buster card performance or NP damage. Higher NP levels also significantly boost overall damage output, so try to obtain additional copies of your preferred servants through summoning campaigns or events.

4. Support Servants and Mystic Codes

While Koyanskaya or Oberon may provide powerful support buffs, don’t underestimate the value of other support servants and Mystic Codes. Servants like Waver, Tamamo, or Helena can provide beneficial team-wide buffs, NP charge, or immediate NP gauge charge to your primary damage dealer.

Additionally, specific Mystic Codes like Chaldea Combat Uniform (Mage’s Association Uniform) or Anniversary Blonde offer powerful buffs and party-wide effects that can complement your Buster farming setup. Experiment with different combinations to find out which suits your gameplay style the best.

5. Team Composition and Turn Order

Designing an effective team composition is crucial in Buster farming. Ensure you have a healthy balance of supportive and damage-dealing servants. Aim to have a party setup where you can reliably generate NP gauge and chain Buster cards for maximum damage potential.

When selecting turn order, consider prioritizing your Buster cards to deal the most damage. However, watch out for enemies with high HP or multiple break bars, as it might be more advantageous to save your NP for a specific wave, allowing you to finish it swiftly.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and adapting your strategy based on the enemies you face will enhance your overall farming efficiency.


While Koyanskaya and Oberon bring undeniable advantages to Buster teams, they are not the only path to success in farming. By carefully selecting craft essences, choosing the right servants, leveling up skills and NPs, utilizing supportive servants and Mystic Codes, and designing an effective team composition, you can excel at Buster farming without relying on those limited servants. So grab your favorite Buster-oriented servants, equip them with appropriate CEs, and venture forth into efficient farming!

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