how to change battery in nest thermostat

How to Change the Battery in Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat Battery


The Nest Thermostat is a smart, energy-efficient device that allows you to control and monitor your home’s heating and cooling system with ease. Like any other battery-operated gadget, the Nest Thermostat also requires occasional battery replacements to ensure reliable performance. In this article, we will guide you through the steps involved in changing the battery in your Nest Thermostat.

Step 1: Preparing for Battery Replacement

Before replacing the battery, make sure you have a fresh set of batteries available. The Nest Thermostat uses two AAA batteries, so ensure that you have these handy. Additionally, ensure that your Nest Thermostat is not connected to its base and that the display is turned off.

Step 2: Removing the Front Plate

Start by gripping the outer ring of the Nest Thermostat’s display and gently pull it towards you. The display will detach from the base with a little force. Be careful while doing this to avoid any damages to the device.

Nest Thermostat Front Plate

Step 3: Accessing the Battery Compartment

Once the front plate is removed, you will have access to the battery compartment. Depending on the model, you might see a tiny screw securing the compartment. Take a small screwdriver and carefully unscrew it.

Nest Thermostat Battery Compartment

Step 4: Replacing the Batteries

Remove the old batteries from the compartment and dispose of them appropriately. Insert the new AAA batteries into the battery compartment, following the correct polarity (+ and -) as indicated. Replace the battery cover and secure it by tightening the screw if your model had one.

Step 5: Reattaching the Front Plate

Carefully align the connector pins on the back of the display with the corresponding slots on the base. Gently push the display back onto the base until it is firmly attached. Ensure that the display sits flush against the base.

Step 6: Powering On the Nest Thermostat

Once you have successfully reattached the front plate, the Nest Thermostat will automatically power on. You will be prompted to set up the thermostat again using the Nest app or web interface.


By following these simple steps, you can easily change the battery in your Nest Thermostat. Regular battery replacements will ensure that your thermostat continues to function optimally, allowing you to control your home’s temperature efficiently and conveniently.

Remember to recycle the used batteries responsibly as they might contain harmful substances. Enjoy the benefits of a well-functioning Nest Thermostat with a fresh battery!

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