how to change wifi on blink camera

How to Change WiFi on⁤ Blink Camera

Welcome to our ⁣guide on changing ⁤the WiFi ​network⁤ on your Blink camera! Whether‍ you’re moving to ‍a new location or upgrading your home network, this step-by-step tutorial will help you seamlessly ‌update your Blink camera’s WiFi settings.

Step ‍1: Prepare your ⁤camera

First, ensure that ⁢your‌ Blink camera ⁤is powered​ on and within range of your ‍WiFi router. Ensure that ‌it’s properly connected ​to a ⁤ power source and the ‍Blink ⁤Sync Module.

Step 2: Access the Blink ‍app

Open the Blink app on ⁣your ‌smartphone or tablet.⁣ If you haven’t already, make sure ⁢to ‌download the app‍ from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store ​(Android) ⁢and⁤ log in to ​your⁣ Blink account.

Blink⁤ app screenshot

Step 3: Navigate to camera ‍settings

Once you have⁣ successfully ⁣logged⁣ in to the Blink ‍app, ​locate and⁣ tap on⁣ the ⁢specific Blink camera you ​wish to update. This will take you to the camera settings page.

Step​ 4: Update WiFi settings

On ⁣the⁤ camera settings ⁣page, scroll down‍ until you find the WiFi settings section. Tap⁤ on the option labeled ⁤”WiFi Settings” or similar.

Next,‍ you will be presented with the ⁣option to change the WiFi network. ​Tap‍ on this‌ option​ to proceed.

Step 5: Connect to a ⁢new WiFi network

Select your new ⁣WiFi ⁤network from the list of available‍ networks. Enter the network’s password if prompted. This will establish ⁣a connection between your camera‌ and the new WiFi network.

Step 6: Confirm successful connection

After entering ‌the WiFi password, the Blink app ​will attempt to connect your camera to the new network. ⁤Wait‍ for a few moments as ‍the camera establishes the connection.

Once ‌the connection is⁢ successful, a confirmation message ‍will appear on the screen. Congratulations! You have⁢ successfully ⁢changed the WiFi network ⁢on your Blink camera.

Successful connection screenshot


Changing⁢ the ⁢WiFi⁢ network on your Blink camera is​ a straightforward process that‌ ensures your camera⁤ stays connected to ⁢the latest network in your⁢ home. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly update the​ WiFi settings on your Blink camera, allowing it to function seamlessly within your updated network.

Remember, in case ‍you encounter any issues during the process, consult the official ⁤Blink support documentation or reach out to their customer​ support for ‍further assistance. Happy surveillance!

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