how to get a mermaid tail in royale high

How to Get a Mermaid Tail in Royale High

Step 1: Participate in the Royale High Ocean Event

To obtain a mermaid tail in Royale High, you need to participate in the Ocean Event. This special event usually occurs during certain periods or updates in the game. Keep an eye on official announcements from the developers or check the in-game news for updates. Once the event is active, follow the given steps:

  1. Launch Royale High and teleport to the Ocean Realm.
  2. Explore the Ocean Realm and look for the mermaid NPCs or interact with specific items required for the event.
  3. Complete the quests or tasks given by the mermaids or other characters in the Ocean Realm.
  4. Collect event currencies, special items, or complete challenges that contribute to earning a mermaid tail.
  5. Once you have gathered enough event rewards, head to the designated shop or NPC within the Ocean Realm to purchase or redeem your mermaid tail.

Note: The specific steps and requirements may vary depending on the current event or updates in the game. Make sure to read any in-game instructions or guides related to the Ocean Event.

Step 2: Trade with Other Players

If you missed the Ocean Event or unable to obtain a mermaid tail during the event period, don’t worry! You can still acquire it by trading with other players in Royale High. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the trading menu by interacting with another player who is willing to trade.
  2. Discuss and negotiate a fair trade with the other player. You can offer in-game items, diamonds, or other desirable possessions that the other player might be interested in.
  3. If both parties agree to the trade, confirm the transaction and complete the trade. The mermaid tail will be transferred to your inventory.

Note: Make sure to be cautious and trade with trusted players to avoid scams or unfair deals. Trusted friends or players with a good reputation in the community are generally safer to trade with.

Step 3: Participate in Future Events

If you are unable to obtain a mermaid tail during the current event or through trading, don’t lose hope! Keep an eye out for future events or updates in Royale High. The developers regularly introduce new events, quests, and items, including mermaid tails. Stay updated by checking official announcements, social media platforms, or the in-game news section.

Note: Mermaid tails may also be obtainable through other methods like special contests, giveaways, or seasonal promotions. Stay engaged with the Royale High community and official platforms for exciting opportunities.

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