how to get abigail’s flower terraria

How to Get Abigail’s Flower in Terraria

Welcome to ⁤the wonderful world of Terraria! Abigail’s Flower is a unique and enchanting item that can be quite‌ elusive. It is an accessory that summons a pet bat called Abigail ⁤to⁤ accompany you on ⁢your adventures. This guide will show you step-by-step how ‌to obtain Abigail’s ⁣Flower.

Tip: ⁤Ensure You’re Prepared

Before diving‍ into the hunt for Abigail’s Flower, ‌make⁣ sure ‍you‍ have the necessary prerequisites:

  • A ‌powerful weapon and armor set to deal with the challenges ahead.
  • Enough health and‌ mana potions to keep you going during battles.
  • Terraria’s latest version installed, as some ⁢older versions might not​ have‍ this item.

Step 1: Explore the Underground Jungle

To ⁤find Abigail’s Flower, you’ll need to explore ​the Underground⁤ Jungle⁢ biome. This ​biome is typically located deep underground and is characterized by lush ‌green⁣ foliage, large ‌trees, and abundant vegetation.

Step 2: Locate the Jungle Shrines

Within the Underground Jungle, keep ​an eye out for Jungle Shrines. These are small structures made⁢ of green ⁢bricks, often hidden amidst dense foliage. Jungle⁤ Shrines have chests inside them, which have​ a chance to contain ⁣Abigail’s Flower.

Step 3: Loot the Jungle Shrine Chests

Once you’ve ⁣found a Jungle⁢ Shrine, ‌break open the chest and hope to ‌discover Abigail’s Flower inside. The chances of finding the flower are ‍random, so you might need to explore multiple ‌Jungle Shrines to locate it.

Tip: Use Spelunker Potions

To make ⁣your search easier, consider consuming ⁢Spelunker ‌Potions. These potions temporarily highlight ‌valuable items and ores, including‌ chests, making them more ​visible⁣ in the dense jungle.

Step 4: Equip⁣ and Enjoy!

Once ​you’ve successfully obtained Abigail’s Flower, equip it in your accessory slot to summon Abigail. She will be a loyal ⁤and adorable companion, ‌ready to assist‌ you on your adventures by attacking enemies in ⁢close proximity and ​providing light in dark environments.


Exploring the Underground‍ Jungle ⁤and discovering Abigail’s Flower can be‌ quite an exciting quest. Keep exploring, be patient, and remember that sometimes ⁢the rarest treasures are hidden in the most ‍unexpected places. Good luck!

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