how to get blue solution terraria

How to Get Blue Solution in Terraria

In the vast sandbox world of Terraria, players are often on a quest to discover and obtain various useful items. One such item is the Blue Solution, which is incredibly handy for clearing out unwanted blocks and converting them into a more manageable form. If you’re wondering how to obtain this useful solution, read on.

Step 1: Obtain Green Solution

To create Blue Solution, you first need to obtain Green Solution. Green Solution can be crafted by combining ten Jungle Spores and thirty Glowing Mushrooms at an Alchemy Station. Jungle Spores are commonly found in the Jungle biome, while Glowing Mushrooms can be located in underground mushroom biomes.

Jungle Spores
Glowing Mushrooms

Step 2: Acquire Empty Dropper

Next, you’ll need an Empty Dropper to combine with the Green Solution. An Empty Dropper can be found as a rare drop from either the Drippler or the Blood Zombie. These enemies can be found during a Blood Moon event, so be prepared and keep an eye out for them.

Empty Dropper

Step 3: Craft the Blue Solution

Now that you have both the Green Solution and the Empty Dropper, head over to a Placed Bottle or a solid crafting surface. Combine the two items to create the desired Blue Solution.

Blue Solution

Step 4: Utilize the Blue Solution

With your newly acquired Blue Solution, you can now put it to great use. Simply equip it in your inventory and use it as you would any other item. Aim the cursor at the block or area you want to remove, and click or tap to unleash the solution. The Blue Solution will quickly convert the targeted blocks into a more manageable liquid form, allowing you to easily remove them from your desired area.

Note that the Blue Solution can only convert blocks into their liquid form if they are eligible to be mined in their solid state. You cannot use the Blue Solution to convert blocks like Lihzahrd Bricks, Dungeon Bricks, or Meteorite.


The Blue Solution is an invaluable item in Terraria when it comes to clearing out unwanted blocks efficiently. By following these steps outlined above, you can obtain and utilize this solution to your advantage, making way for new building projects or removing obstructions in your exploration endeavors. Happy block conversion!

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