how to get continental coins

How to Get Continental Coins


Continental Coins are a valuable currency in many video games, including popular titles like Payday 2. These coins allow players to acquire various items, weapons, and upgrades, enhancing their gameplay experience. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on Continental Coins to unlock those desired in-game rewards, this article has you covered.

1. Completing Heists

The primary way to earn Continental Coins is by completing heists in-game. Whether playing solo or with a group of friends, successfully finishing missions will reward you with a certain amount of coins based on the difficulty level and completion criteria. Higher difficulty levels typically yield more Continental Coins upon successful completion of a heist.

2. Safe House Raid

In Payday 2, you can unlock the Safe House Raid mission by playing through and upgrading your safe house. This mission offers a significant number of Continental Coins as a reward upon completion. Make sure to improve your safe house constantly to access this valuable opportunity.

3. Side Jobs and Achievements

Exploring side jobs and accomplishing various achievements in the game will often reward you with Continental Coins. Pay attention to the available side objectives and challenges, as they often provide an outlet to earn extra coins alongside regular heist missions.

4. Card Drops and Continental Coin Cases

Keep an eye out for card drops after completing missions or levelling up; they can contain Continental Coins among other rewards. Additionally, Continental Coin Cases might drop during card draws, providing an immediate stash of coins.

5. Offshore Casino Gambling

In Payday 2, you have the option to participate in an offshore casino where you can gamble your offshore savings. With some luck, you might win Continental Coins as part of your gambling experience. However, be cautious as it involves a certain degree of risk.

6. Continental Coin Boosts and Events

During special events or limited-time promotions, game developers often introduce Continental Coin boosts, accelerating the rate at which you earn these valuable coins. Stay tuned to official game announcements, social media channels, and forums to take advantage of these events.


Continental Coins can significantly improve your gameplay experience by allowing you to acquire sought-after items, weapons, and upgrades. By completing heists, participating in side jobs, achieving specific objectives, and taking advantage of in-game events, you’ll accumulate Continental Coins and enhance your Payday 2 adventure. Happy heisting!

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