how to get custom songs on clone hero

How to Get Custom Songs on Clone Hero

Clone Hero ⁤Custom Songs

If you’re a fan of rhythm games, you’re probably familiar with Clone Hero. It’s a free PC game that replicates the popular Guitar Hero series, allowing ‌you to play songs with​ a guitar controller. ⁢While Clone Hero comes with a great selection of songs, sometimes you may want to expand your library ​with custom songs created by the community. This article will guide you on how to ⁢get custom songs on‌ Clone Hero.

Step 1: Downloading Custom ⁢Songs

Clone Hero’s strong community has⁢ created a plethora of custom ⁣songs. To start, you’ll need to find a⁣ reliable source for these songs. Websites like Chorus and Clone Hero Songs are popular platforms where you can browse and download custom‍ songs.

Step 2: Extracting Songs

Once you’ve downloaded a custom song, it’s usually in a compressed format ​like ZIP or RAR. Use a file extraction tool like 7-Zip or WinRAR to‍ extract the contents of ‌the compressed file. Make sure you remember the ⁢location where you extracted the files.

Step 3: Copying the Songs

Next, you’ll need to locate the​ “Songs” folder in your Clone Hero directory. By⁤ default, this⁢ folder is usually found in: C:Program Files (x86)Clone HeroSongs. Open a file explorer and navigate ⁢to this⁣ location.

Now, open the folder where you extracted the custom song⁢ files, and simply copy the entire song folder into⁢ the ⁢”Songs” directory of Clone Hero.

Step 4: Playing the Custom Songs

Launch Clone Hero and select “Setlist” from the main menu. You should​ see your newly added custom songs⁤ listed​ there. Choose the song you want to play and hit the corresponding ‌keys on your guitar controller to enjoy the custom content.

That’s it! You now​ know how to get custom songs onto Clone Hero. Remember to support the⁣ custom song creators by visiting the forums or‍ websites ​they share their work ⁤on. Enjoy ⁤expanding your Clone Hero song library and have fun rocking out to your favorite tunes!

For more information and community⁢ support, make sure to check out the official Clone Hero website at

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