how to get ice gloves osrs

How to Get ⁢Ice Gloves in OSRS

Ice Gloves in OSRS

The⁤ Importance of Ice Gloves

Ice Gloves are​ a valuable item in Old School RuneScape​ (OSRS) that provide many benefits, especially when dealing ⁣with ice-related obstacles or monsters.⁢ These gloves ‍are‌ required for various quests⁣ and events, making them a highly ‍sought-after item‍ for many players.

Obtaining Ice⁣ Gloves

⁤ To obtain Ice‌ Gloves in​ OSRS, follow these steps:

  1. Start the “Heroes’⁤ Quest” by speaking to Achietties in the Heroes’ Guild located in Burthorpe.
  2. In the quest, you will need to partner up with​ another ‌player who ​has‌ joined⁢ the opposite ​gang (Black Arm or Phoenix) and complete several tasks together.
  3. One of the tasks involves defeating a level 195 Ice Queen found on White Wolf Mountain. Make⁤ sure to bring appropriate equipment and⁤ food.
  4. After ​defeating the Ice Queen, she will drop a Ice Gloves item.
  5. Pick up the Ice Gloves and ​complete the quest. Congratulations, the ‌Ice Gloves ⁤are now yours.

Tips for Using Ice Gloves

‌ ​ ​ Once you have acquired the Ice Gloves, you can⁤ benefit from several advantages while using them, such as:

  • Bypassing hot tiles in the Desert Mining Camp during the “The Tourist Trap” quest.
  • Handling barrels ⁣of burning oil in ⁢the “Recipe for Disaster” quest.
  • Completing the “Family Crest” quest by handling the blast furnace controls.
  • Dealing with icy surfaces and non-player characters (NPCs) in various other quests⁤ or activities.

Remember to always keep your Ice Gloves safe, as ‌they⁣ may come in handy during future quests and adventures!

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