how to get instagram on school chromebook

How to Get Instagram on School Chromebook

Instagram ⁤is a popular ‌social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Unfortunately,⁢ many schools restrict access to various websites, including Instagram, on their Chromebooks. However, with a few workarounds,​ you can still enjoy⁤ Instagram on your ⁤school Chromebook. Here’s how:

  1. Use the Web Version:

    You can access Instagram using the web version available at Simply open your Chrome browser and enter the URL. While the web version‌ may not have all the features of the mobile‌ app, it still provides the main functionality to​ browse, like, and comment on posts.

  2. Install an Android Emulator:

    If your school ⁢permits ⁤installing Android apps, you can use an Android emulator like Bluestacks. Follow ‍these steps:

    1. Download and install ‌Bluestacks from their official website.
    2. Launch Bluestacks and set up your⁣ Google account within the emulator.
    3. Open the Google Play Store app and search for Instagram.
    4. Click on the Instagram app, then click on Install to download and install it.
    5. Once installed, you ‌can access Instagram from within the emulator.

  3. Use an ⁣Android Phone:

    If you have an Android phone, you‍ can utilize the “Cast Screen” feature‍ to display your phone’s ⁢screen on ⁣your Chromebook. Follow these steps:

    1. On your phone, go⁣ to Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Cast.
    2. Enable the “Wireless Display” or “Cast Screen” option.
    3. On your Chromebook, click on the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen and select “Cast devices ‌available”.
    4. Select your phone from the⁣ list of available devices.
    5. Your phone’s screen will now ​be mirrored on your Chromebook, allowing you to use Instagram as if it‍ were on your phone.


If your school’s network blocks‌ Instagram or certain⁣ URLs, you can​ try using a VPN service or proxy to bypass the restrictions. However, ensure that you ⁢are following ⁤your school’s policies and guidelines when accessing restricted websites.


Here is an example of how Instagram‍ looks on a web browser:

Instagram on a web browser

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