how to get likely suspect destiny 2

How to Get Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

About Likely Suspect in Destiny 2

The “Likely Suspect” is a Legendary Auto Rifle weapon in Destiny 2. It is known for its remarkable stability,
accuracy, and moderate fire rate. If you enjoy using Auto Rifles in the game, then this weapon is definitely
worth obtaining to enhance your arsenal.

Obtaining Likely Suspect

To get this powerful weapon, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete Vanguard Strikes: Participate in Vanguard Strikes to increase your chances of obtaining Likely Suspect.
    The longer and more frequently you engage in these strikes, the higher the probability of finding the weapon.
  2. Complete Nightfall Strikes: Nightfall Strikes offer an enhanced chance of obtaining powerful gear and weapons.
    Make sure to participate in these weekly strikes, as they provide a greater chance of acquiring Likely Suspect
    compared to regular Vanguard Strikes.
  3. Visit Zavala: After completing a Strike (either Vanguard or Nightfall), visit Zavala, the Vanguard Quartermaster,
    located in the Tower. Check his inventory, as Likely Suspect may be available for purchase. Make sure you have
    enough Legendary Shards, the in-game currency, to acquire it.
  4. Decrypt Engrams: Another way to get Likely Suspect is through decrypting Legendary Engrams. These engrams can
    be obtained as rewards for various activities, such as completing Strikes, Crucible matches, or engaging in
    Public Events. Take them to Master Rahool, the Cryptarch, to decrypt the engrams and increase your chances
    of getting the weapon.
  5. Participate in Pinnacle Activities: Engage in pinnacle activities, like Raids, Nightfall: The Ordeal, or Trials
    of Osiris. These activities yield powerful rewards and have a chance to drop Likely Suspect. Make sure to gather
    a fireteam and conquer these challenging endeavors.

Sharpening Your Skills with Likely Suspect

Once you have obtained Likely Suspect, here are a few tips to maximize your performance with this Auto Rifle in Destiny 2:

  • Play to its Strengths: The Likely Suspect excels at medium-range engagements. Use its stability and accuracy to
    land consistent shots on enemies within this optimal distance to make the most of its capabilities.
  • Modifications: Experiment with different weapon modifications to suit your playstyle. Enhancing stability or
    range can further improve the effectiveness of this weapon.
  • Ammo Reserves: Consider equipping armor mods or perks that increase your Auto Rifle ammo reserves. This will
    allow you to sustain your fire and stay in the battle for longer periods.
  • Combination with Abilities: Coordinate your weapon usage with your character’s abilities and subclass perks.
    Finding synergies between Likely Suspect and your abilities can lead to devastating results and increased

Remember, acquiring Likely Suspect may take some time and persistence, but this Legendary Auto Rifle will prove to
be a valuable asset in your fight against the darkness in Destiny 2. Best of luck in your quest to obtain this
remarkable weapon.

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