how to get marshmallow out of hair

How to Get Marshmallow⁤ Out ‍of‍ Hair


Marshmallow is⁣ a‌ delightful treat ⁢enjoyed by ‍many, ‌but ⁤it can quickly turn into a sticky ⁢mess ​when ‍it gets stuck‌ in your hair. Removing marshmallow⁣ from hair can be ⁣a challenging task, but with the⁢ right techniques, you can ⁣get ⁣it out without cutting⁣ or damaging your hair. In this article, we will discuss some effective methods ‍to help ⁢you ⁢tackle this⁢ sweet‌ hair dilemma.

Method 1:⁣ Gently Comb‍ it Out

⁤ ⁣‌ ⁤⁤ Start by taking a wide-toothed comb or your fingers and‍ gently⁢ work through the hair, starting from the bottom and gradually moving upward.⁣ Be careful not to pull ​or ⁣tug⁤ excessively, as⁣ it may result in knot formation. This method ⁤is⁢ effective for small‍ amounts of marshmallow stuck in your hair. You can⁢ also apply a ⁢little conditioner or detangling spray to facilitate the process.

Method 2:⁤ Peanut Butter‌ Solution

​ Peanut butter can be surprisingly​ useful when it comes to removing sticky substances from ​hair. Apply ​a generous ⁤amount of smooth​ peanut butter onto the affected area ‍and gently massage it⁢ in.⁢ Allow it ​to sit for a few minutes to‌ break down the marshmallow’s stickiness. Then,⁤ using a ‍comb or your fingers, gently ⁣untangle the hair. Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly⁤ and follow⁣ up with a⁣ regular shampoo and conditioner to remove any residue​ and the peanut butter odor.

Method 3: Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

​ Both ⁢olive ⁣oil and coconut oil can work wonders in removing⁤ sticky materials from hair. Apply a small amount of oil‌ onto the marshmallow and⁢ let it⁢ sit for a few minutes.⁤ The ​oil will help break ‍down the stickiness, making it easier to remove. Gently comb out the affected hair, ⁣starting from the bottom, and work your​ way up. Finally, wash your‌ hair with a clarifying shampoo to ⁢remove any remaining oil or residue.

Method 4: Ice⁣ or Cold Water

‌ ​ If the marshmallow has‍ dried and hardened, applying cold temperature can help loosen it. Take some ice cubes or use cold water ‍ and place it directly on the ‍marshmallow. Allow it⁤ to ‌sit for ‌a ​few minutes until it becomes​ brittle. Once it⁤ hardens, gently break it apart using your fingers or a comb. Then,‌ proceed⁤ to comb out the hair ‌using⁤ a wide-toothed comb, ⁣starting from the bottom and ‍working your way up. Rinse your ‌hair with warm water afterward to remove any‍ residue.


While getting marshmallow out of your hair can be tricky, using the‍ methods mentioned above can⁣ save⁤ you ⁣from ⁢a‌ potential hair ⁣disaster. Remember ‌to⁣ be patient and gentle to avoid damaging your hair ‍during the removal process. If ⁢the marshmallow still refuses to ⁣budge, seek ⁣professional ‌help or consult a hairstylist. Now you can ⁢enjoy your marshmallows without worrying about them getting tangled in your ​hair!

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