how to get meat in dwarf fortress

How to Get Meat in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a complex and immersive game that challenges players to build and maintain their own dwarven fortress. One essential aspect of ensuring the survival and well-being of your dwarves is providing them with sufficient food, including a steady supply of meat. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining meat in Dwarf Fortress.


A great way to acquire meat in Dwarf Fortress is through fishing. Construct a fishing zone near a water source, such as a river or lake, and assign dwarves to the fishing labor. Ensure that you have fishing equipment available, such as fishing rods and tackle boxes, to maximize your fishing efficiency. Your dwarves will then catch various aquatic creatures, providing you with a reliable supply of fish and other seafood.


Another method to obtain meat is through hunting. Assign skilled hunters from your dwarf population and construct hunting zones in areas where wildlife is abundant, such as forests or plains. Monitor the available game in the area by using the ‘v’ key to view the animals. When a suitable target is spotted, adjust your hunting zone accordingly, ensuring that it encompasses the desired creatures. Your hunters will then embark on hunting expeditions, bringing back fresh meat to sustain your fortress.

Animal Husbandry

To ensure a steady meat supply, consider implementing animal husbandry in your fortress. Capture wild animals that can be domesticated such as chickens or cows and build appropriate animal pens to house them. Assign dwarves to the animal care labor, making sure they have proper animal training skills. Over time, your domesticated animals will reproduce, providing a continuous source of meat for your dwarves.


In addition to acquiring meat through fishing, hunting, and animal husbandry, you can also obtain it through trade. Establish trading relationships with other dwarf factions or visiting traders by constructing a trade depot within your fortress. When traders arrive, you can negotiate and exchange resources, including meat or other edible products, to supplement your food sources.

Now armed with this knowledge, you should be well-equipped to ensure your dwarves never hunger in Dwarf Fortress. Remember to adjust your strategies based on your dwarves’ preferences, available resources, and the environment around your fortress. Good luck, and may your meat supplies always be abundant!

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