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How to Get the Mug in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a popular action role-playing game available on the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It features a captivating storyline and engaging gameplay, set in the iconic world of Final Fantasy VII. One of the intriguing items players can obtain in the game is the Mug, which allows them to steal items from enemies. Here’s a guide on how to acquire the Mug in Crisis Core.

Step 1: Progress Through the Story

The first and most crucial step in obtaining the Mug is to progress through the main story of Crisis Core. As you advance, you will encounter various missions, battles, and cutscenes. Follow the main quests and ensure you complete them efficiently.

Step 2: Reach Chapter 5

Once you’ve made progress, you need to reach Chapter 5 of the game. This chapter marks a significant milestone in the story and unlocks additional features and opportunities for your character, Zack Fair.

Step 3: Obtaining the Materia Fusion

Now that you’ve reached Chapter 5, you need to obtain the Materia Fusion ability. This ability allows you to merge two Materia together to create stronger versions or entirely new ones. To unlock Materia Fusion, you must complete the “Wutai’s Finest” mission. This mission becomes available in Chapter 5 when you receive a mail titled “Wutai’s Finest Medicine” from Veld.

Step 4: Accessing the Digital Mind Wave

After obtaining the Materia Fusion ability, you will gain access to the Digital Mind Wave (DMW) once you return to the save menu. The DMW is a unique feature in Crisis Core that provides random stat boosts, summons, and abilities during battles. It is an integral part of acquiring the Mug.

Step 5: Matching Zack’s Slots

To get the Mug, you need to match specific symbols on the DMW that represent Zack’s slots. The formation required to obtain Mug is “1-2-1”. If the slots line up accordingly during battles, Zack will execute the Mug ability, allowing you to steal items from enemies you defeat.

Step 6: Enhance the DMW

To increase the chances of matching the desired formation and acquiring the Mug, you can enhance your DMW by leveling up and equipping certain Materia. The leveling process is based on random battles and gaining experience points (EXP). As your DMW levels up, it becomes easier to trigger the desired symbol formation.

Step 7: Persistence and Luck

Obtaining the Mug in Crisis Core may require a bit of persistence and luck. Since the DMW spins are random, you might need a few attempts to successfully match Zack’s slots and activate the Mug ability. Don’t get discouraged and keep persevering!

By following these steps and patiently progressing through the game, you’ll eventually acquire the Mug ability in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Make sure to strategize and utilize this skill to steal valuable items from enemies, giving you an advantage in battles and enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

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