how to get stone in raft

How to ⁤Get Stone in ‌Raft

Stone in Raft


Raft is a popular survival game that challenges players to gather‌ resources, build structures, ⁤and survive ⁣in​ an open ‍ocean environment. One crucial resource you will need throughout the game​ is stone. ​In this ⁢article, we will guide you on how to obtain stone efficiently in ⁢Raft.

1. Locate and Harvest Rocks

The primary method of acquiring ‌stone is by⁤ finding​ rocks floating in the water ⁢near your raft. These ⁣rocks can be easily identified by their​ gray color and smooth ‌texture. Equip‌ your hook and throw it at ‍the rocks to collect them. The hook⁤ will automatically reel in any‍ item it⁤ successfully attaches to, including stones.

Harvesting Rocks in‍ Raft

2. Utilize ⁢Islands

Aside from finding stones in the open⁣ ocean,⁢ islands are a great resource for gathering stone. Use your paddle to travel to nearby islands, which are characterized by their green or ​sandy appearance. ​On these islands, you’ll find rocks ⁢scattered on the ground or as part of the island’s rocky terrain. Walk or ‍jump ⁤around and pick ‍up as many stones as you can ⁣find.

Islands in Raft

3. Craft a Stone Smelter

Once ‍you’ve collected ⁢a sufficient amount of stone, you ​can ⁤process it into⁢ valuable resources through crafting. Build a stone‍ smelter, which is an essential structure in Raft. The stone smelter ​allows you to ⁣convert raw stone into useful materials like bricks. Bricks can then be utilized⁤ for crafting ⁤advanced structures, tools,‌ and other essential items necessary‌ for your ‍survival.

Stone​ Smelter ​in Raft

4. Upgrading Your Tools

To gather rocks more efficiently, make sure to⁣ upgrade your tools.‍ By crafting⁤ and using better tools such as metal ⁤axes or metal hooks, you’ll ‌significantly ‌increase your stone collection speed.​ Upgrading tools⁢ generally requires other resources,⁣ so keep an eye out ‍for these materials while exploring​ rafts and islands.


Stone ⁢plays a critical role in Raft as ‌it allows you to craft advanced structures‌ and items necessary⁤ for‍ your survival and progression. By following these tips, ​you’ll be well on your way to ⁤accumulating stone efficiently, whether by harvesting floating rocks, exploring ‌islands, or utilizing crafting stations.​ Now, dive into ​the ocean and⁣ gather those precious stones to thrive in your ‍rafting ⁤adventure!

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