how to get tainted metal nms

How to Get Tainted Metal in No Man’s Sky (NMS)

No Man’s Sky is a vast and exciting game that offers players numerous resources and crafting materials to enhance their spacefaring adventures. One such material is Tainted Metal, which is used for various purposes within the game. In this guide, we will explore different methods to obtain Tainted Metal in No Man’s Sky.

1. Salvaging Frigate Scraps

One of the primary ways to acquire Tainted Metal is by salvaging frigate scraps. Frigates are massive ships used for exploration and trade. Occasionally, these ships might encounter distress events, resulting in damage or complete destruction. By investigating these events and salvaging scrap materials from damaged frigates, you will often come across Tainted Metal.

2. Destroying Sentinels

Sentinels are robotic guardians found on different planets in No Man’s Sky. Engaging in combat and destroying these Sentinels will not only grant you units but also have a chance to yield Tainted Metal as loot. Explore planets, locate Sentinels, and engage in battles to increase your chances of obtaining this valuable resource.

3. Derelict Freighter Expeditions

Derelict freighter expeditions provide exciting opportunities to collect Tainted Metal. These expeditions involve exploring abandoned and often dangerous freighters. By navigating through the eerie corridors and defeating enemies, you can find various rewards, including Tainted Metal. Make sure to prepare well and arm yourself adequately for these challenging missions.

4. Nexus Missions and Quicksilver

The Nexus is a hub of multiplayer interaction in No Man’s Sky. Participating in Nexus missions allows you to collaborate with other players in different tasks. Completing these missions will reward you with Quicksilver, a special currency used to purchase unique items and resources, such as Tainted Metal, from the vendor at the Nexus.

5. Gathering from Indium Deposits

Indium is one of the common resources found on planets in No Man’s Sky. By locating and extracting Indium deposits, you have a chance to receive Tainted Metal as a secondary resource. Utilize your scanner and mining tools to identify and gather from Indium deposits, increasing your chances of obtaining Tainted Metal.

In conclusion, obtaining Tainted Metal in No Man’s Sky requires exploration, combat, and resourcefulness. Salvaging frigate scraps, battling Sentinels, embarking on derelict freighter expeditions, participating in Nexus missions, and gathering from Indium deposits are all viable methods to acquire this valuable material. Use these strategies on your spacefaring journey to enhance your gameplay and craft advanced technological creations!

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