how to get wishender

How to Get Wishender

Step 1: Complete the Shattered Throne Dungeon

To obtain Wishender,‌ one needs​ to​ complete the Shattered Throne dungeon located in the Dreaming City. The dungeon is available when the curse on the⁢ Dreaming City is at​ its peak, which happens every three‍ weeks.

Step 2: Obtain the “Harbinger’s ⁢Seclude” Quest

After completing the Shattered Throne dungeon, visit Petra Venj⁤ in ⁢the Dreaming‌ City‍ to receive the “Harbinger’s Seclude” quest. Accept the quest and⁢ follow‍ the steps accordingly.

Step 3: Retrieve the ⁤”Ethereal Key”

During ⁢the ‍”Harbinger’s Seclude” quest, you’ll need to retrieve the‌ “Ethereal Key.”‌ This involves destroying eight Taken eggs‌ found throughout the Shattered Throne. ‍The eggs are usually hidden in hard-to-reach places, so keep an eye out and explore thoroughly.

Step ⁤4:‍ Engage the “Chamber ⁣of ‍Starlight”

Once you have⁢ collected⁣ the required “Ethereal Key,”⁢ head to the Chamber of Starlight area within ‌the Shattered​ Throne dungeon. Here, you will‌ encounter a special​ boss named “Dul Incaru, the⁢ Eternal Return.” Defeat her ⁤to progress further.

Step 5: Acquire the Wishender Bow

After defeating Dul Incaru, pick up the ‌”Wishender Bow” from nearby. Congratulations, you​ have successfully obtained the exotic weapon, Wishender!

Step ‌6: ⁢Unlock Wishender’s Full Potential

To unlock the full potential of Wishender, you’ll need to complete its related quest called “The Shattered Throne (Wish-Ender).” This quest will provide additional lore ​and objectives to⁤ further ‌enhance and upgrade ⁣the weapon.

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