how to get wrench in merge mansion

How to Get Wrench in Merge Mansion

Welcome to the fascinating world of Merge Mansion! If you are looking for ways to obtain a wrench in this
delightful mobile game, you’re in luck. In Merge Mansion, the wrench is a valuable tool used to repair various
items and unlock exciting new quests. Follow the steps below to acquire a wrench and enhance your gameplay.

Step 1: Progress Through the Game

To access the wrench, you need to progress and complete tasks within the game. Focus on merging and upgrading
items, completing quests, and unlocking new rooms in the mansion. As you proceed, you’ll eventually unlock the
area where you can find the coveted wrench.

Step 2: Explore Rooms and Merge Objects

Once you’ve unlocked the area, dive into different rooms of the mansion and start merging objects. Merge similar
items to create more valuable versions and accumulate resources required for repairs. Keep merging strategically
to ensure a smooth flow in your mansion makeover process.

Image: Merge Mansion Wrench

Step 3: Repairing and Unlocking

Now that you have your trusty wrench, it’s time to put it to use! Look for broken items around the mansion and
begin repairing them. With each repair, you’ll not only unlock new quests and areas but also earn rewards that
propel you further in the game.

Step 4: Maintain the Mansion and Keep Merging

To ensure a successful progression, continuously maintain your mansion by merging objects and completing
quests. The more you merge and fix items, the more wrenches you’ll have at your disposal to continue your grand
renovation project.


The wrench is an essential tool in Merge Mansion, opening doors to exciting adventures and opportunities. By
following these steps, you’ll soon have a wrench to aid your mansion makeover journey. So, dive into the game,
merge away, and watch your mansion transform into a splendid paradise!

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