how to make a pc in pixelmon

How to Make a PC in Pixelmon


Pixelmon ‌is a popular Minecraft mod that adds Pokémon-themed content ​to​ the game. One essential item​ in Pixelmon is a PC, which allows‌ players to access their Pokémon storage, change‌ teams, and manage their Pokémon effectively. ⁢In this ​article, we will guide ⁣you ​through the process of ⁣making a PC in Pixelmon.

Step 1: Gather Required Materials

Before we begin,⁢ make sure you have​ the following materials:

  • 4 Redstone Dust
  • 3 Iron Ingots
  • 1 Glass Pane

Step 2:⁢ Craft the PC

Once you have gathered the materials, follow these steps to craft ⁤a PC:

  1. Open your Crafting Table
  2. Place 3 ⁤Iron Ingots horizontally in the middle row
  3. Put 4 Redstone Dust in the corners and​ center slots‍ of the Crafting Table
  4. Finally, place the Glass ‍Pane in ​the ⁢middle‍ slot of the top⁢ row
  5. Once you have correctly arranged the materials,⁢ you will see a ⁤PC appearing in the ​result box‍ on the right side of your Crafting ⁢Table.

Step⁢ 3: Place the PC

Now that you have‍ successfully crafted a PC, it’s⁢ time to place it in the desired location within your Pixelmon world. Select the PC from your inventory and right-click on the⁣ block where you⁣ want to position it. Make⁤ sure you⁣ have enough space‌ around the PC⁣ for easy access and visibility.

Step 4: Using the PC

After placing the PC, right-click on it ⁢to open the PC menu. Here, you⁢ will ‍find‍ various options like Pokémon storage, party management, and more. Use the PC to deposit and ​withdraw Pokémon, ‌organize your team, view ​your Pokédex, or swap Pokémon between your party and storage.


Having a PC in Pixelmon is crucial for managing ⁤and storing ‌your Pokémon effectively. By following the simple ⁤steps outlined in this article, you ​can easily craft and place a PC in your Pixelmon‌ world. Use the PC to‌ conveniently access ⁤and⁢ organize your Pokémon collection as you ⁢embark on capturing and ‍training various Pokémon.

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