how to make alien in little alchemy

How to Make an Alien in Little Alchemy

Step 1: Start with Basic Elements

To create an Alien in Little Alchemy, you need to combine several basic elements.
Begin by combining human with space.
This will give you astronaut.

Step 2: Combine Astronaut with Other Elements

Now that you have the astronaut, you can use it to create an Alien.
Combine the astronaut with various elements related to extraterrestrial beings, such as
alien, UFO, or space station.

Step 3: Discover New Combinations

In Little Alchemy, the fun lies in discovering new combinations. Experiment
with different element combinations and see what else you can create! Don’t be afraid to think outside
the box and try unexpected mixtures to find the perfect recipe for an Alien.


Step 4: Unleash Your Creativity

Remember, Little Alchemy is a game of creativity and imagination. Have fun
exploring different combinations and seeing what unique elements you can create.
The possibilities are endless!

TIP: If you’re stuck or want some inspiration, check out the Little Alchemy
walkthroughs or community forums online. They might have hints or suggestions that can help you
along your journey.

WARNING: Little Alchemy is an addictive game! Don’t forget to take breaks and
enjoy the real world alongside your virtual adventures.

Code: human + space = astronaut

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