how to make darth vader in little alchemy

How to Make Darth Vader in Little Alchemy

Welcome to Little Alchemy, a popular online game where you combine different elements to create new ones! In this guide, we will show you how to create the infamous Darth Vader in Little Alchemy.

Step 1: Start with Basic Elements

Before diving into the creation of Darth Vader, you need to understand the core elements needed to make him. Start by combining basic elements such as Air, Earth, Fire, and Water to unlock new possibilities.

Step 2: Create a Human

To create Darth Vader, we need to first create a Human. Combine Earth and Life elements to form a Human in Little Alchemy. This will unlock numerous other combinations and allow us to proceed further.

Step 3: Make a Jedi

Darth Vader is a Sith Lord, but originally, he was a Jedi. Combine Energy and Human to create a Jedi. This step is essential to ultimately create the iconic villain.

Step 4: Add Armor and a Helmet

Now that we have a Jedi, it’s time to turn him to the Dark Side. Add Armor and Helmet elements to the Jedi to transform him into a Sith Lord. The Sith Lord has a menacing appearance, setting the stage for the creation of Darth Vader.

Step 5: Bring in the Darkness

To complete the transformation, introduce the Darkness element to the Sith Lord. Darkness is a vital element in creating Darth Vader. Combine Sith Lord and Darkness to finally make the ultimate Star Wars villain, Darth Vader!


Creating Darth Vader in Little Alchemy requires a series of combinations, starting from basic elements to more complex ones. By following the steps mentioned above, you can successfully make Darth Vader and enjoy the power of the Dark Side in this whimsical game!

Remember, Little Alchemy is a game of experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try different combinations and discover new elements along the way. Have fun exploring the magical world of Little Alchemy!

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