how to make magic in little alchemy 2

How to Make Magic in Little Alchemy 2

Welcome to the enchanting world of Little Alchemy 2! In this addictive online game, you have the power to combine different elements and create hundreds of new objects. Today, we’ll guide you on how to conjure the elusive element of magic. So, put on your virtual wizard hat and let’s get started!

Fire Element

The first ingredient you’ll need is fire. Fire is one of the basic elements in Little Alchemy 2. To create fire, simply combine the elements of oxygen and heat. It’s like building the foundation for your magical journey!

Wizard Element

Now that you have fire, it’s time to summon a mighty wizard! Combine the elements of human and energy to create the wizard. The wizard will serve as your guide and mentor throughout your magical endeavors.

Book Element

To unlock the secrets of magic, you’ll need a book of spells. Combine the wizard with the paper element to create the book. This magical tome will contain all the knowledge necessary to harness the power of magic.

Magic Element

Finally, it’s time to create pure magic! Combine the book with fire to reveal the marvelous element of magic. Congratulations, young wizard! You have now unlocked the power to create and explore the mystical world of Little Alchemy 2!

Note: Little Alchemy 2 offers endless possibilities, so don’t limit your magical experiments to just these elements. Mix and match different objects to see what surprises await you!

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