how to remove blink outdoor camera from mount

How to Remove Blink Outdoor Camera from Mount

Step 1: Disconnect the Power Supply

Before removing your Blink Outdoor camera from its mount, ensure that the power supply is disconnected. Unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet or remove the batteries if it is a battery-powered camera.

Step 2: Hold the Camera and Remove the Screw

Hold the camera firmly with one hand and locate the screw that secures it to the mount. The screw is usually located at the bottom or the side of the camera, depending on the model.

Blink Camera Screw

Use a screwdriver that matches the size of the screwhead to loosen and remove the screw. Be careful not to drop the screw or apply excessive force to avoid damaging the camera or the screw.

Step 3: Slide or Lift the Camera Off the Mount

Once the screw is removed, you can now slide or lift the camera off the mount. The method may vary depending on the mount type. Some mounts allow you to slide the camera downward, while others may require lifting it up and then pulling it away from the mount.

Blink Camera Removal

Carefully detach the camera from the mount, ensuring that you don’t pull or twist it forcefully to prevent any damage.

Step 4: Store the Camera and Mount Securely

If you plan to re-mount the camera at a different location, make sure to store both the camera and the mount in a safe and secure place. Keep them away from moisture, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures to maintain their functionality.

Step 5: Reattach the Camera or Install at a New Location

When you are ready to reattach the camera or install it at a different location, follow the specific instructions provided by Blink. Ensure a secure fit on the new mount and tighten the screw properly to prevent any wobbling or loosening.


Removing a Blink Outdoor camera from its mount is a straightforward process. By disconnecting the power supply, removing the screw, sliding or lifting the camera off the mount, and storing it securely, you can safely detach the camera. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when reattaching it or installing it at a new location. With these steps, you can easily remove and reposition your Blink Outdoor camera as needed.

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