how to take modeling digitals

How to Take Modeling Digitals


Modeling digitals, also known as polaroids or digitals, are essential for aspiring models to showcase their natural beauty without heavy photography editing or makeup. Whether you’re starting your modeling career or need to update your portfolio, here’s a guide on how to take stunning modeling digitals.

1. Find Good Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for modeling digitals as it highlights your features and brings out your natural beauty. Look for natural light sources such as a well-lit room or step outside during daytime. Avoid using harsh artificial lighting, as it can cast unflattering shadows.

2. Keep It Simple

Modeling digitals should focus on your face and figure, so keep the background simple and uncluttered. A plain wall, neutral-colored backdrop, or even the outdoors can serve as a suitable background. You want the focus to be on you, not your surroundings.

3. Wear Minimal Makeup

Modeling digitals should showcase your natural beauty, so opt for minimal or no makeup. Avoid heavy foundation, eye shadow, or contouring. Instead, moisturize your skin, groom your eyebrows, and put on a light coat of mascara. Keep your hair simple, away from your face, and avoid using any styling products.

4. Capture Different Poses

To present your versatility as a model, capture a range of poses in your digitals. Take headshots, close-up shots of your face, and full-body shots. Remember to capture both the front and side profiles to give potential clients a comprehensive view of your features and body shape.

5. Adjust Camera Settings

While a professional camera is preferable, a smartphone with a high-resolution camera can also work. Adjust the camera settings to ensure high-quality images. Set the resolution to the highest possible, enable autofocus, and disable any filters or effects. Use the rear camera for better image quality.

Modeling digitals example

Example of modeling digitals

6. Maintain Natural Expressions

Avoid exaggerated or forced expressions while taking modeling digitals. Maintain a neutral or subtle smile to portray a fresh and adaptable look. Experiment with different facial expressions while ensuring they remain natural and effortless.

7. Edit Minimally

The purpose of modeling digitals is to emphasize your natural beauty in its raw form. Therefore, avoid heavy editing or filters. Only perform minor adjustments like cropping, straightening, or adjusting brightness and contrast if necessary. The focus should always be on your genuine appearance.


Taking modeling digitals doesn’t require expensive equipment or professional photographers. With good lighting, minimal makeup, and simple backgrounds, you can capture stunning images that highlight the authentic you. Remember to maintain natural expressions and avoid excessive editing to truly showcase your modeling potential. Best of luck on your modeling journey!

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