how to work for yelp removing spam comments

How to Work for Yelp: Removing Spam Comments


Yelp, the popular online review platform, relies heavily on user-generated content to provide valuable information about local businesses. However, with the growth of the platform, the issue of spam comments has become a significant concern. As a result, Yelp has implemented various measures to combat and remove spam comments to maintain the integrity of their platform. This article will guide you through the process of working for Yelp as a spam comment remover.

Educate Yourself about Yelp’s Guidelines

Before diving into the role, it is crucial to familiarize yourself thoroughly with Yelp’s content guidelines. Understand what constitutes spam comments on the platform and the criteria for removal. Yelp maintains a comprehensive guide explaining what is considered acceptable and unacceptable content.

Become an Elite Yelp User

Building a solid reputation on Yelp can improve your chances of becoming a spam comment remover. Becoming an “Elite” Yelp user demonstrates your high level of involvement in the Yelp community and your commitment to contributing authentic and helpful content. Elite users often have the opportunity to participate in special events and gain early access to new features, including opportunities to help combat spam.

Apply to Be a Yelp Moderator

Yelp offers the option to apply for a moderator position to help identify and remove spam comments. Visit Yelp’s official website and search for their job opportunity page. Look for any openings related to content moderation or similar roles. Prepare your resume and cover letter emphasizing your passion for maintaining a clean online environment and your understanding of Yelp’s guidelines. Submit your application and be patient until the selection process is completed.

Training and Tools

If selected as a Yelp moderator, you will receive comprehensive training on identifying and removing spam comments. Yelp will provide you with tools and resources necessary to carry out your duties effectively. These tools may include proprietary software, reporting mechanisms, and guidance documents to ensure consistent decision-making regarding spam removal.

Collaborate with Yelp’s Community Managers and Moderators

Working as a spam comment remover for Yelp involves collaboration with other community managers and moderators. Regular communication and coordination with your team will help streamline the efforts to combat spam. Attending team meetings, sharing best practices, and reporting any emerging patterns or techniques used by spammers will further strengthen Yelp’s spam prevention measures.

Stay Updated with Evolving Spam Tactics

Spammers continually adapt their strategies, so staying updated on the latest tactics is crucial. Yelp’s engineering teams and community managers work diligently to identify and block new spam techniques. Attend regular training sessions, stay engaged with relevant forums and discussions, and maintain an open line of communication with Yelp’s internal teams to keep up with these ongoing developments.


Working for Yelp as a spam comment remover is an essential role in maintaining a reliable and trustworthy platform for local business reviews. By understanding Yelp’s guidelines, becoming an Elite user, applying for a moderator position, undergoing training, collaborating with the community, and staying updated, you can play an instrumental part in protecting Yelp’s users from spam comments and ensuring an authentic review ecosystem.

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