warframe how to get nitain extract

Warframe: How to Get Nitain Extract

Warframe, developed by Digital Extremes, is a⁤ popular ⁤third-person shooter game set in⁤ a⁤ futuristic world where you take on ‍the role of a Tenno, a race of ancient warriors with powerful exoskeletons known‌ as Warframes. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter​ numerous resources necessary for ‌crafting and upgrading items, weapons, and‍ Warframes. ⁢One such valuable resource is Nitain Extract. This article will guide you on how to obtain Nitain Extract in Warframe.

What is ‍Nitain Extract?

Nitain Extract is a rare and essential resource⁣ required for ⁤building various Warframes, weapons, and equipment in‌ Warframe. It is particularly challenging to obtain compared to other resources, so it’s important ‍to‍ know the methods available ​for acquiring it.

How to ⁣Obtain Nitain Extract

There are several ways to obtain ​Nitain Extract:

  1. Alert Missions: ⁣ Nitain Extract can occasionally ⁢be obtained as a reward from Alert Missions. These missions are time-limited events that appear in⁢ different locations ⁢and offer various rewards. Keep an eye out for Alert ⁤Missions offering Nitain Extract⁢ as a reward, as ⁢they can be a⁢ great way to obtain it.
  2. Nightwave Intermission: Nitain ⁣Extract can ⁤also be acquired‌ from the Nightwave Intermission event. Nightwave is a seasonal event in Warframe, and during the intermission period between seasons, Nitain Extract can often be found ‍as a reward. Participating in Nightwave missions and completing challenges will increase your chances of obtaining ‌Nitain Extract.
  3. Invasions: Occasionally, Nitain Extract can be obtained‌ as a reward for completing invasion ‌missions. Invasions are events where players must choose sides between two factions, completing missions to earn rewards. Make sure to check the in-game requirements and rewards for each ‌invasion as ‌Nitain ⁢Extract ‌might be one of them.
  4. Gift of the Lotus: Gift of the Lotus​ is a⁢ special alert-type mission that usually appears after completing a major update or event. These missions often provide ⁤rare and valuable rewards, including⁤ Nitain ​Extract. Keep an eye out ‌for Gift of the ⁤Lotus missions to increase your chances of obtaining Nitain ⁢Extract.

Tips for Efficiently Obtaining Nitain Extract

To ⁣maximize your chances of ‌obtaining Nitain Extract, consider following these tips:

  • Stay updated with the latest news⁤ and announcements ⁣within the Warframe community. Developers often inform players of upcoming events, including Alert Missions, Nightwave ‍Intermission, and Gift of the Lotus missions.
  • Participate in as many events and ‍missions as possible. The more opportunities ⁢you have⁣ to acquire Nitain Extract, the more likely you are to obtain it.
  • Form squads with other players to increase your efficiency and ​success rate in completing missions, ⁤particularly those offering Nitain Extract‍ as ‌a reward.
  • Be ⁤patient. Nitain Extract may sometimes require time and effort to acquire, but with persistence, you’ll⁢ eventually obtain enough for your crafting needs.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to obtain Nitain Extract in Warframe, go out there and start collecting this valuable resource.⁣ Good luck,⁣ Tenno!

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