how long does deedge take to breed

How Long Does Deedge Take to Breed?

Deedge, a popular and melodic monster in the Monster World, is known for its enchanting vocals and friendly personality. Breeding Deedge can be an exciting endeavor for players eagerly hoping to add this delightful creature to their collection. While breeding times may vary with different variables, let’s take a look at the usual duration it takes to breed a Deedge.

Breeding Mechanics in the Monster World

In the Monster World, breeding involves the combination of two different monsters in a breeding structure. Each monster has its own unique breeding and incubation time, adding an element of surprise and anticipation. The time taken to breed a specific monster, like Deedge, depends on a few factors:

  • Monster Level: The higher the level of the monsters involved in breeding, the shorter the waiting time.
  • Breeding Structure: Different breeding structures (such as the Breeding Mountain or the Breeding Tree) offer various breeding durations. Some structures have slower breeding times than others.
  • Element Compatibility: Certain combinations of monsters have better breeding odds, increasing the chances of success and reducing the time it takes to breed a specific monster.
  • Luck Factor: Luck plays a role in breeding as well. Sometimes, players may experience unusually short or long waiting times due to chance.

Breeding Time for Deedge

Considering the typical factors mentioned above, breeding a Deedge generally takes a certain amount of time. While it largely depends on luck and chance, the approximate breeding time for a Deedge is around 10 to 12 hours. However, it’s important to remember that this duration is an estimation and can vary from one breeding attempt to another.

To increase your chances of breeding a Deedge, it is preferable to use higher-level monsters in the breeding process. Moreover, consulting with experienced players or researching breeding combinations may provide valuable insights to expedite the process.

Waiting for the Deedge to Hatch

After the breeding process, there is an additional incubation time before the Deedge finally hatches. The incubation period generally lasts around 30 minutes to 8 hours. Players can use this time to prepare and create a welcoming environment for the arrival of their newfound Deedge.

Final Thoughts

The anticipation and excitement of breeding a Deedge often make the waiting time fly by. Observing the breeding mechanics, considering the factors influencing breeding duration, and hoping for some luck, players can successfully breed this melodious monster.

So, dive into the world of monster breeding, experiment with various combinations, and soon enough, your very own Deedge will be serenading its enchanting tunes in your Monster World habitats!

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