how much gold to level engineering wotlk

How Much Gold to Level Engineering in WotLK

The Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansion introduced an array of exciting professions in World of Warcraft. One such profession is Engineering, which allows players to create various gadgets, explosives, and weapons, providing useful items and unique abilities. However, leveling Engineering in WotLK can be a costly venture. Let’s explore how much gold you may need to invest to reach the pinnacle of engineering mastery.

Understanding Engineering in WotLK

Engineering in WotLK has a total of 450 skill points divided into several levels. The journey to the maximum level, 450, requires continuous investment in materials, schematics, and training from Engineering trainers.

Here is a breakdown of the different levels and the approximate costs associated with each:

Level 1-75:

Starting from scratch, leveling Engineering to 75 is relatively inexpensive, costing around 5-10 gold. You can learn this skill from any Engineering trainer in major cities.

Level 75-150:

During this stage, the costs escalate slightly as you venture further into the realm of engineering. It may take approximately 150-200 gold to level your Engineering skill from 75 to 150. Expensive materials like Bronze Bars and Heavy Stones are required in larger quantities.

Level 150-225:

From level 150 to 225, the journey becomes costlier. Expect to spend around 400-500 gold for leveling Engineering through this range. Specialized materials like Mithril Bars, Truesilver Bars, and other gems or stones are necessary to progress.

Level 225-300:

As you near the 300 mark, the gold requirements significantly increase. This stage of leveling could cost you an additional 800-900 gold. Advanced materials like Thorium Bars, Dense Stones, and a plethora of other components await you.

Level 300-375:

This phase represents the final leg before reaching the maximum proficiency available before the expansion’s end. To hit 375 Engineering skill, you might need to spend around 1500-2000 gold. Outland-specific materials, Fel Iron Bars, Adamantite Bars, and more complex patterns push the costs higher.

Level 375-450:

The final stretch to reach the maximum Engineering level in WotLK requires significant dedication to the craft. You may spend another 2500-3000 gold on materials, schematics, and training. Cobalt Bars, Saronite Bars, and additional Northrend ingredients feature prominently.

Tips to Save Gold while Leveling Engineering

While leveling Engineering can be expensive, there are some ways to mitigate the costs:

  • Keep an eye on the Auction House for cheaper materials or bulk deals.
  • Group up with friends or guildmates who have complementary professions such as Mining, which can provide you with free or discounted ores/ingots.
  • Consider leveling Mining as your secondary profession to gather materials on your own, saving gold on buying expensive ingredients.
  • Participate in world events and exchange event-specific tokens for Engineering recipes and materials.
  • Prioritize which Engineering recipes are essential for your playstyle or goals, as some high-level patterns might not be worth the investment.

While Engineering in WotLK can be an expensive profession to level, it offers immense benefits, including unique gadgets, explosives, and powerful weapons. Whether you’re a goblin tinkerer or a gnome inventor, the gold investment is worth the skills acquired.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of gears and gadgets, prepare your pockets for some expenditure, but rest assured that the rewards will be incredibly satisfying.

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