how to get pets in

How to Get Pets in

Introduction is a popular online multiplayer game where players strive to be the last person standing in a battle royale-style competition. In addition to the intense gameplay, offers an exciting feature that allows players to acquire and utilize pets. These adorable companions can provide various benefits and add a fun element to your gaming experience. This article will guide you on how to obtain pets in

Step 1: Access the Pet Shop

Before you can acquire a pet, you need to locate the pet shop within the game. To do this, look for a building marked with a sign displaying a paw emblem. The pet shop can be found in different locations on the map, so explore your surroundings until you spot it.

Step 2: Collect Coins

To purchase a pet, you will need in-game currency known as coins. Coins can be obtained by looting them from buildings or by defeating opponents. Keep in mind that the amount of coins required to purchase a pet may differ, so make sure you have sufficient currency before proceeding.

Step 3: Choose Your Pet

Once inside the pet shop, you will be presented with a selection of lovable pets to choose from. Each pet might offer unique abilities or advantages, so take your time to examine their characteristics and make an informed decision. Some pets may enhance your speed, strength, or provide health boosts, while others can aid in spotting enemies or finding valuable items within the game.

Step 4: Make a Purchase

After selecting your desired pet, it’s time to make the purchase. Click on the pet you want, and a confirmation prompt will appear. If you have enough coins, confirm the purchase by clicking the appropriate button, and voila! You now have a loyal companion by your side in

Step 5: Utilize Your Pet’s Abilities

Now that you have a pet, it’s crucial to understand its abilities and how to benefit from them. Some pets may offer passive effects, while others may require activation during gameplay. Pay attention to any specific instructions provided in the pet’s description or on-screen prompts. Experiment with your new pet to discover their advantages and adapt your strategy accordingly.


Pets add an exciting dimension to the gameplay experience in, allowing players to develop unique strategies and enjoy the company of adorable companions. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily obtain pets in and harness their abilities to gain an edge in the game. So, head to the pet shop, choose your furry friend, and let the adventures begin!

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