how to get to crandor osrs

How to Get to Crandor in Old School RuneScape⁢ (OSRS)

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure to the mythical island of Crandor in Old ⁢School RuneScape⁤ (OSRS)? ⁤Crandor is a fascinating‍ location that​ holds many secrets⁢ and challenges for players to‍ conquer. If you’re eager to‌ set foot‌ on ⁢this mysterious island, here’s a handy guide ⁢to help you get there and explore everything⁤ it has to offer!

Step 1: Requirements

Before you can reach Crandor, there are a ⁤few requirements you need to meet:

  1. Must be a member
  2. Must have completed the “Dragon Slayer” quest
  3. Recommended combat level​ of at‍ least 70 (to handle ​the ⁣dangerous encounters)

Step 2: Gathering ‍Supplies

Preparing ⁤yourself with the right‌ supplies is crucial‍ for ⁢the journey:

  1. Armor and weapons ⁣suitable for combat
  2. Food and potions‍ to restore health and stats
  3. Anti-dragon shield (you receive this ⁢during the “Dragon Slayer” quest)
  4. A‍ small ⁣fishing net⁣ and a harpoon (optional, for fishing along ⁣the way)

Step 3: Getting to Crandor

Now that you have fulfilled the requirements and ⁢gathered the necessary supplies, it’s time to ‌head to Crandor:

  1. Start⁤ by travelling ‍to the city of Port Sarim ⁤located on the⁤ southern coast of the Kingdom of‌ Asgarnia.
  2. Look for the Redbeard Frank’s house, situated just east⁣ of the fishing shop.
  3. Talk to Redbeard Frank and ⁣inquire about the map piece.
  4. Redbeard Frank will offer you a deal: he will‍ give you the map piece ⁤in exchange for a bottle⁢ of Karamja rum.
  5. Acquire ⁤a bottle⁤ of Karamja rum by either buying ⁢it from other players or obtaining it from Karamja island.
  6. Give the bottle of ​Karamja rum to ⁤Redbeard Frank, and he will hand over the map piece.
  7. Travel to ‍ Crandor.
  8. Head to the shipyard on the western side of Port Sarim and ⁤speak with the captain.
  9. Show him ​the map piece, and he⁤ will‍ agree to take‌ you to Crandor for a ⁢fee of 2,000 coins.
  10. Pay the‌ fee ⁤and board the ship.
  11. After a ​short cutscene, you will find yourself on the shores of Crandor.

Image ⁣credit: ​Old School‍ RuneScape Wiki

And there you‍ have​ it! You have successfully made your way to the ⁣enigmatic island of Crandor. Now ‌it’s time to uncover its secrets, battle fearsome creatures, and ‌complete ‌various quests ​that await you. Enjoy ⁢your adventure!

Remember ‍to ‍stay vigilant and be prepared for the ‌challenges Crandor holds. May fortune favor your journey ⁤in Old School RuneScape!

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